Monday, March 21, 2011

The Presidential Suite

So Chris and Nalani's sister Liana totally hooked up Ali and I for our wedding night.  As we pulled up to the Newport Beach Marriot we were looking forward to our suite that we were getting for a good deal. Side note, it was so much fun walking into the hotel in my wedding dress and Ali in what was left of his tux after busting all those moves and having every person that saw us say "congrats," it felt like so surreal.  Back to the story...Alas upon check in we heard the most spectacular words you can hear when checking in "Ok we have you upgraded to the Presidential Suite."  The next thought was "score!"  First of all we couldn't find the room because you have to take a different elevator that was nestled in a corner and use your room key to get up there since not everyone is allowed up on that floor.  Then as we were finally made it to the top floor we were walking down the hallway and spotted a door that looked bigger than all the others.  At first Ali thought it was the exit door to the stairwell, but no it was the door to our room!
We had a dining room,
a kitchen of sorts, 
a living room,
a tub with a view,

a bedroom

and an incredible balcony with an ocean view...this room was amazing!
These photos don't really do it justice.  It felt really classy and cool and you gotta love that we got married at the Nixon Library and then stayed in the Presidential Suite....I will take themes for a thousand Alex....

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